Thursday, March 15, 2012

7 Weeks - The Feeling of Accomplishment

I actually feel like an ex-smoker now, and I am using my e-cigarette less and less. I originally ordered enough cartridges to last 3 months. It looks like it may be more like 9 months before I have to order them again. When that day comes, I will decide if I even need the crutch any longer. I may just order cartridges that don't contain nicotine.

I have been using a personal trainer for 3 weeks now, and the difference is amazing. The weight that I gained when I initially stopped using tobacco is now gone plus a few more pounds. She puts me through intense workouts that are designed to strengthen my lung function as well as my muscles. And, I actually made it through an entire 1 hour "Spin" class yesterday. I was drenched with sweat and could barely talk, but I made it through without stopping. 7 weeks ago, I would have fallen off of that bike and vomited before the 5 minute point.

The benefits of quitting tobacco have followed the timeline that I talked about a few weeks ago. The most noticeable are  increased energy and a sharpened sense of taste. I really want to eat constantly. Everything I eat is like I am tasting it for the first time. Fighting that urge is very difficult. But, knowing how hard it will be to burn the extra calories at the gym has kept me mostly under control. You do have to reward yourself occasionally, though.

I hope that everyone on this journey with me is having as much success as I have had.

Good luck and good health!


  1. This is the nice blog for young.

  2. That is really awesome that you have been able to get off the cigarettes! The E-cogs provide a nice smooth transition for such a highly toxic product. You are doing great, and I can't wait to see your next progress.

  3. Well done! Great achievement, do you ever crave real cigarettes? Or do you find that e cigs stop your craving? I think that one day e cigs will overtake tobacco!