Thursday, January 31, 2013

Year One - The Anniversary

Today marks one year without tobacco. It is difficult to believe that time can go by so quickly. But, I have survived without a single relapse due, in great part, to my E-Cig.

Over the last year I have weaned myself off of nicotine. The cartridges in my E-Cig are now only water vapor. I don't physically need it any longer, but it is nice to have the crutch if a temptation should arise. The temptations are fewer and further between with every passing day.

If you are considering using the E-Cig to quit smoking, there is one recommendation that I can make. Pick an exercise goal (run a 5k, walk up the stairs without being winded, complete a triathlon, etc.) and focus your energy on achieving that. My personal goal was to run a 5k. I can now do that. It is certainly not easy, but I remember that first day when I was gasping for breath and lying on the ground after 500 yards.  I now have a new goal, to compete in Tough Mudder (If you have never heard of this, check it out online. It is intense!). The point is-if you focus on getting healthy, quitting tobacco will feel less daunting. As you begin achieving your intermediate goals (run 1/2 mile without stopping, walk 2 flights of stairs without stopping, etc.), you will find the motivation to continue with the E-Cig and leave tobacco behind forever.

I will continue to add updates to this blog as new revelations come to mind. There have been over 20,000 views of this site since I began one year ago. Hopefully it has helped some of you to quit smoking. It certainly has helped me!

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  1. Hi John, congratulations on your success!
    I respect the fact that you are spreading the word about e-cigarettes, I too believe in the benefits that e-cigs bring to smokers, having been able to quit smoking myself. I actually don't even smoke the e-cig anymore either. I wrote a guide on the "Best method to quit smoking" that I wanted to share with anyone who wants to take up the challenge and quit using only electronic cigarettes:
    Thanks and all the best!